The Brussels Enterprise Agency (BEA) renamed "" for its 10th anniversary

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    Yesterday evening, more than 600 entrepreneurs, invited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the BEA’s existence, had the opportunity to choose between two names proposed by the 65 people working in the agency. They had the choice between "" and "" a more imaginative name meaning “to undertake” in a Baltic language.

    It was Céline Fremault, Brussels Minister for Economy and Employment, who had proposed that the choice be entrusted to the business community. "I wondered about the meaningfulness of the name and decided to entrust the choice of name to those who deal with the BEA on a daily basis".

    Ultimately, the business community opted for the name “”. The ruby colour and the extension ".brussels" were also adopted as part of the city-marketing campaign launched by the Brussels Region.

    Some 30,000 businesses and self-employed individuals, i.e. some 3,000 per annum, have made use of our services since the BEA was set up in 2003. On average, 14 entrepreneurs call the information number 1819 every day and another 16 make use of the support offered. The BEA also organises an information session nearly every two days.