Bye Bye Tour & Taxis. Hello UNO !

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    As announced in the press a few months ago, will soon be moving into the "Maison de l’Entrepreneuriat, de l’Innovation, de la Recherche et du Commerce", which was officially inaugurated on the 5th of May of this year by former Minister of the Economy Céline Fremault.

    This centre is located in the former Siemens offices at 110, chaussée de Charleroi and also houses Atrium, Innoviris and RIB (Research in Brussels). The address is now known as

    These pooled services will make it easier for Brussels’ entrepreneurs and self-employed to find the support they need for their development, research and trade initiatives.  The aim is for it to serve as a friendly and efficient breeding ground for initiatives, visions and collaborations between the world of innovation and business. A further positive side effect is the significant reduction in travel it will bring about, improving the energy efficiency of the four institutions.

    This 5,300 m² building was selected and acquired by on behalf of the Brussels government. Solid arguments such as their geographical location, commercial setting, energy performance (B-), modularity and public transport access made the former Siemens offices an obvious choice.

    As of 2 January 2015 this will become our official address! Make a note of it now:


    Chaussée de Charleroi 110

    1060 Brussels

    Telephone numbers remain unchanged.