Call to action from Enterprise Europe Brussels: growth and profit through innovation !

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    End of April Enterprise Europe Brussels (a joint initiative of and BECI) announced the availability of new services aimed at enhancing the innovation capacity in SMEs.
    Now, Enterprise Europe Brussels makes a call to action to Brussels-based SMEs willing to growth and secure their future.
    Let us know if you are interested in an evaluation of the innovation management of your company.

    You could wonder why an evaluation, what's in for you?

    In a nutshell, the new innovation service we propose can help you:

    • identify the problems that keep you awake at night and how to tackle them together (price pressure from competitors, lack of skilled people, difficult to identify new customers, make profit,…)
    • reach growth and profit on the mid to long term
    • reduce your time to market to get profit out of it quicker
    • find ways to finance your growth
    • find ways to attract / retain talents
    • develop new markets/ attract new customers as quick as possible
    • ensure that your best customers will still be your best customers in 3 to 5 years time
    • sustain your margins
    • Secure your company’s future

    The starting point for this service is the following: spending on R&D does not have as an automatic corollary a better company’s economic performance. It is rather the ability to manage the innovation that characterizes high-growth companies in a given sector, ie their ability to translate ideas into successful projects and ultimately to bring to market new products or services and make profit.

    Therefore, the key driver of a company’s growth is the way innovation is managed by and in company. To know how to manage innovation means having a competitive advantage on other companies. Thus this new service aims to strengthen the capacity of SMEs to manage their innovation processes with a view to economic growth.

    Additional info on this service:

    • Is an intiative of the EC to improve innovation management performance of an SME with sustainable Impact
    • Allows an holistic view and focuses on results
    • Benchmarking is possible internationally or against one country depending on the sector

    The tool is compliant with EU standards (TS 16555)

    Contact us to fix a meeting and discuss! Contact Sarah Van Haelst () or Barbara Andreani ()