The “Erasmus for young entrepreneurs” programme has supported more than 2,600 entrepreneurs

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    Created in 2009 as a pilot project, the “Erasmus for young entrepreneurs” programme has just passed an important stage: to date it has in fact supported more than 2,600 European entrepreneurs, organising more than 1,300 exchanges between budding entrepreneurs and seasoned entrepreneurs. At the level of the Brussels Capital region 37 entrepreneurs have been able to benefit from this programme.

    Moreover this programme is attracting more and more candidates, which benefits both the new entrepreneurs and the host entrepreneurs, as well as the EU economy. In view of the favourable results obtained the European Commission has integrated it into the competitiveness and innovation programme (CIP) and intends to pursue it in the context of the programme for the competitiveness of enterprises and the SMEs (COSME).

    What does this programme consist of?

    “Erasmus for young entrepreneurs” gives new entrepreneurs – those who intend to establish their own enterprise or those who have recently created it – the opportunity to spend some time with an experienced entrepreneur in another country of the European Union. Thanks to it they will be able to acquire important knowledge in business management and will thus be able to increase their chances of success within their own enterprise. In addition, it enables experienced entrepreneurs to establish new commercial relationships, and to discover and seize opportunities offered in the other countries of the European Union.

    According to the statistics, 93% of the new entrepreneurs and 86% of the host entrepreneurs who have participated in the programme state that the exchange has contributed to the development of their activities. 84% of the host entrepreneurs would be happy to welcome another budding entrepreneur. Numerous exchanges result in long-term collaboration between the two entrepreneurs and enable internalisation of their activities. Moreover the programme not only contributes to the creation of new enterprises, it also makes them more solid and more durable.

    In Brussels

    In each country a local point of contact has been designated. It will be your principal contact throughout your participation in the Erasmus for young entrepreneurs programme. Your local point of contact will evaluate your application. Once this has been validated you will be able to search for a partner entrepreneur in the database. The local contact point of the host entrepreneur will also offer local assistance to the new entrepreneurs throughout their stay.

    Brussels entrepreneurs may contact Nadine Bettens by email or telephone on +32 2 422 00 21
    Further information is available on the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs site.