signed an agreement with the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks

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    Asia represents an important market and path of business development for SMEs. In Asia, China represents a large potential market for Belgian companies. However, developing its business in China may pose some challenges, given, amongst other things language and cultural differences.

    The great advantage Hong Kong represents is, that while it makes part of China, it is rated by Ducroire as presenting a commercial risk as low as the risk of doing business in Belgium, to the opposite of mainland China, considered as one of the riskiest country for developing business activities: 

    With its well-connected geographical localisation and its openness to the international, Hong Kong represents a good bridgehead towards mainland China. team and HKSTP work together since October 2013 to support a member of the cluster to expand its activities in Asia (performing clinical trials in China to get the approval of the CFDA, finding the right scientific but also investors partners,…). Given this first fruitful experience, the HKSTP team, covering a large scope of activities (incubation, support in clinical trials, prototyping,…), proved to be very dynamic, reactive and experienced.

    A written agreement was signed in order to well define and to coordinate activities of and of HKSTP respectively when a Brussels company is directed to HK: information to be given, follow-up from both parts, "rights & obligations", …

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