About BEA

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    Created in 2003 by the Government of the Brussels-Capital region, the Brussels Enterprise Agency - BEA – has rapidly become the leading partner for any starting or experienced entrepreneur in the Brussel-Capital region.

    Triple task

    The core missions of BEA are :

    1. To be the interface that enables all those doing business in the Brussels Region to find immediately and easily the specific information that they need, and to identify immediately and easily the people in public and private organisations who will help them consolidate their projects on a lasting basis.
    2. To propose a growth ecosystem to innovative Brussels enterprises, in which they can acquire and share skills, meet partners and benefit from dedicated coaching throughout their growth cycle.

    3. To provide selective support to high potential entrepreneurs in a limited but constantly re-evaluated range of topics, when such support is not accessible in the market.

    The Brussels-Capital region entrusts selectively to BEA delegated tasks related to economic development. BEA also manages several European programmes.

    BEA carries out its tasks in accordance with the priorities and directions defined in a management contract signed between BEA and the Government of the Brussels-Capital region. This contract sets out for a period extending over several years the objectives and the means to be employed to attain them.