Why call on BEA?

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    Services of BEA integrate the following principles:

    No charges, simplicity and proximity

    Whether you are a student, start-up firm or large enterprise, our advice is free for all and made even more accessible via the telephone number 1819. Our advisors take the time to listen to you and explain things in an understandable language, without jargon. Our constant concern is to simplify your life as an entrepreneur and to give you free access to information. No need for long procedures or forms to be completed in order to obtain an answer to your question.

    Objectivity, performance and pragmatism

    BEA favours a pragmatic and empathetic approach. BEA's advisors always use your problem as the starting point: guided by relevance and operational efficiency, they analyse each request individually, inform you and guide you, with complete impartiality, regarding solutions and partners that can best contribute to the achievement of your project. This will not prevent them from saying what they think about the feasibility of your project or from challenging you. But BEA is not selling anything and does not impose anything; it is up to you to make the final choice based on your objectives and resources.

    Confidentiality, trust and integrity

    A trusting relationship can only develop on a healthy foundation. The strategic information provided in the context of your project is always kept confidential. Our advisors operate in all integrity, respecting the rules of ethics in all activity relating to diagnostics, information collection, analysis and advice.

    Passion, creativity and dynamism

    BEA is also involved in the success of your enterprise. Our advisors take your project seriously. Quality and client satisfaction constitute the cornerstone of their day-to-day action. But their energy is also directed towards the future. Each person has the desire to transmit his or her expertise and to develop practical or innovative tools which will simplify your life. At BEA we take the risk of making suggestions and taking action.