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    BEA's task is ambitious: we wish to be the entrepreneur’s discussion partner of his choice, who will assist him (or her) to carry out his projects and build a sustainable enterprise. By joining our team you will contribute on a daily basis to enabling the entrepreneur to achieve his or her dreams. And is that not the most attractive job in the world?

    Moreover you will be active in fields that are as diverse as they are interesting; you can work with passionate, dynamic colleagues and enjoy a pleasant and comfortable working environment.

    Want to be part of the team ?

    17-06-2013: Manager for the Sustainable Construction Business Unit:  PDF (French/Dutch)

    17-06-2013 : Coordinator for the Ecobuild-Cluster : PDF (French/Dutch)

    03-06-2013 : Expert in environmental & town planning (French/Dutch)

    03-06-2013: Expert-coordinator in environmental & town planning (French/Dutch)


    joelle hoeven 


    Contact :

    Joelle Hoeven

    Human Ressources

    Mail: jho at