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    What do we do?

    Too many things to list them all here! We inform you, we guide you and we accompany you in a whole range of areas such as creating an enterprise, financing, innovation, town planning, environmental permits, partnerships … by means of newsletters, websites, seminars or tailored coaching.

    Briefly, we create a complete ecosystem in which you can grow as an entrepreneur

    Discover our services

    Why call on us?

    Because we simply possess the financial, legal, strategic and sector expertise to put your project on track...

    Because we will put you on the right track in terms of aids, initiatives and support bodies that exist in Brussels for entrepreneurs...

    Because our services are accessible and free...

    And because we are passionate people who believe that your success will also be ours and that of the region...


    Discover our values...

    Focus on a few key sectors

    The life sciences, green technologies, eco-construction and the information and communication technologies are the key sectors of activity in Brussels.

    Via the creation of clusters and enterprise networks, impulse.brussels seeks to make room for exchange, innovation, research and development among high-potential companies but also for collaboration between Belgian or foreign companies and research centres. In short, if you have an innovative project, you will be even more pampered...


    Sector-specific offering...


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