Signature of the BEA management contract

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    On the eve of its 10th anniversary, the management contract between the Brussels Enterprise Agency and the Brussels Region was accepted yesterday afternoon by the Government of the Brussels Capital region. It is to be signed in the next few days by the two parties.

    This is excellent news according to Bruno Wattenbergh, the Operating Director of BEA : “We have been working since the beginning of the term of office on this contract with the Region. Even if the contents of this document contain nothing revolutionary, in the sense that it confirms BEA's current tasks and establishes the Agency more durably in the Brussels institutional landscape. Since BEA is a private ASBL (non-profit-making organisation), considered as a body of public interest, it was essential to provide it with a framework and clear tasks. It is also good news for the enterprises that use our services.”

    Moreover, it is the last management contract to have been scheduled by Minister Cerexhe and the first to have been accepted by the Brussels Government.

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