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    1. From enterprising spirit to entrepreneurial spirit...

      The support of impulse.brussels for this experience was very important because you are provided with all of the resources required to help you structure your project and find companies abroad through various workshops and meetings with impulse.brussels consultants who are experts in their field and also offer great availability.

    2. Increased profitability and revenue thanks to Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

      In 2012, Liesbeth Willaert established “The Homepage” at a web and online marketing office in Brussels. Sometime after the launch and the first few years of business, it was time for a change in the form of a niche market, specialisation, a growth strategy, and capitalising on market challenges, innovation…

    3. Erdman Doumbé : more ready than ever to embark on his entrepreneurial adventure !

      After spending 18 weeks in Barcelona for the "Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs" programme organised by the European Commission, the young Brussels-born entrepreneur Erdman is more ready than ever to embark on his entrepreneurial adventure. Here is an account of his experience in Barcelona.

    4. A kissing survey flavored Brandy…

      Brandy consumption may sometimes lead to kisses. But not exactly in this case. In my case, those two references are strictly professional… Of course… Ahem…

    5. Julien Vandeleene, chief executive of Be Park

      Operating car parks belonging to companies and large retail stores and hiring them after working hours to motorists who lack space to park their vehicle. That’s the idea behind Be Park.

    6. Cédric De Cock, co-manager of the Home Bar 7/7

      A bar unlike others since it is the consumers themselves who will serve their pints at the table, with each table connected by a pump to gigantic beer tanks in the basement. All managed from a touch screen also installed at each table. Interview with Cédric De Cock, pioneer of this concept.