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    From enterprising spirit to entrepreneurial spirit...

    Coming from a family of CEOs, I was immersed in the business world from an early age.

    During my professional experiences I discovered that enterprising spirit and entrepreneurial spirit were two different but complementary notions.

    Because the enterprising spirit required to create companies is the state of mind of constantly wanting to push the boundaries, to live your passion and to create value for a company in which you are an stakeholder rather than just a spectator.

    Knowing how to identify needs...

    Beyond this realisation which is inherent to entrepreneurs, one thing is certain:  A company can only prosper if it effectively meets a clearly-identified need.

    Thanks to my professional experience with a public-procurement consultancy firm, I was able to identify commercial opportunities in a changing market with great potential such as cloud computing for commercial intelligence.

    C2P-Procurement.com is the name of my platform and the aim is to connect African buyers with European sellers through a cloud-based commercial-management solution.

    This solution also offers African buyers (NGOs, microbusinesses, SMEs, key accounts) the tools required for effective commercial management, allowing them to contact European exporters directly for the purchase of goods and services required for their activities.

    Consequently, this platform meets the needs of our clients, particularly:  "in improving their commercial profitability"; for our buyers by optimising the management and supply processes because this saves money, and for our sellers by helping them export to a market with great potential for growth, namely the African market. 

    Training and networking...

    A project means preparation. It took me several years to prepare my project, firstly throughout my university studies, then through my professional experiences and finally during a prospecting assignment in Africa. It is precisely due to this assignment that I became aware of the importance of networking through programmes such as Enterprise Europe Network and Erasmus for young entrepreneurs which impulse.brussels manages on behalf of the European Union.

    My experience of Erasmus for young entrepreneurs

    Erasmus for young entrepreneurs involves a lot of preparation because, in addition to having a well-designed project, you need to prepare a coherent business plan highlighting not alone the benefits of your project but also the challenges you face as an entrepreneur.

    Therefore, the support of impulse.brussels for this experience was very important because you are provided with all of the resources required to help you structure your project and find companies abroad through various workshops and meetings with impulse.brussels consultants who are experts in their field and also offer great availability.

    Once the preparation stage was complete, I found a host company in Southern Italy called Futuro Digitale which supports local companies with their development by providing them with digital-management tools and promotes entrepreneurial spirit among young people through various workshops and events.

    During my project I was asked to work as a Business & Development Analyst. 

    My main responsibility was to carry out a complete audit of the company's managerial processes based on which I was then asked to design new managerial processes to optimise the operation of the structure in order to generate added value for clients.

    Following this, I worked on the company's business model in order to find new growth drivers.

    Once I had identified the growth drivers, I prepared a business and financial plan for the company in order to attract as many financial partners as possible through a crowdfunding campaign.

    This was an interesting challenge because it required ingenuity to secure acceptance within the company of a new managerial process, new target audiences and to attract new financial partners.

    An enriching experience both professionally and personally

    Working in a different cultural context on projects with high added value allowed me to develop my entrepreneurial skills.

    From a more personal point of view, I was pleasantly surprised by the welcome I received from people in the South. 

    I would recommend this programme to any young entrepreneur wanting to strengthen their skills!

    Valery Nsalanga