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    Increased profitability and revenue thanks to Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

    In 2012, Liesbeth Willaert established “The Homepage” at a web and online marketing office in Brussels. Sometime after the launch and the first few years of business, it was time for a change in the form of a niche market, specialisation, a growth strategy, and capitalising on market challenges, innovation…

    The last few years also saw an increase in the number of requests for the design and development of mobile applications. Time and time again we were also hindered by the technical restrictions of our web team, the lack of a fixed methodology, as well as the need for reliable new suppliers. All said, it was high time for a second (international) step forward via “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs”.

    Mobile Jazz, dynamic, “Google-minded” and headquartered in Barcelona, proved the perfect match as a way for The Homepage to enter the world of mobile applications. All aspects involved in the conceptualisation, testing, design, development and introduction of mobile applications onto the market, were extensively dealt with. The international client portfolio of the hosting company also varied a lot; from the University of Dubai to the Catalan government to medical applications in the U.S…

    “A confrontational eye opener”

    Given that the changeover took a period 6 months, I obtained insight into the general set-up, the work ethics and the long-term vision, as well as the internal processes of Mobile Jazz. I was constantly confronted with their way of working as well as that of The Homepage. This was a real eye opener for me. Mobile Jazz is an extremely efficient and productive company, given that the company was established in a manner that was independent of both time as well as location. Employees are spread all over the world and work in different time zones. This specific company’s set-up was optimised over the years, achieving a very results-orientated way of working and communicating.

    I was able to apply the priceless insights I gained to the general operation of The Homepage and this has resulted in a remarkable increase in profitability!

    “A switch in the business model”.

    The results after a period of 6 months have been enormous: increased revenue, a remarkable increase in profitability and access to a qualitative network of suppliers. However, the biggest change that actually brought about the revenue increase was a switch in my business model from services to focusing on products that deliver completely different margins, while simultaneously maintaining a high level of client satisfaction and offering more for the same price.

    Thanks to Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs I was able to expand my market and my network, optimise my business and see solid growth! 

    Thank you once again for this enormous opportunity. This programme proved to be the best possible growth strategy that I could ever imagine.