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    Our products

    1. National Contact Point Brussels

      NCP Brussels helps SMEs and research organisations to set-up and execute successful Research & Innovation projects funded by the European Union. NCP Brussels at impulse.brussels is appointed by the European Commission and focuses on Horizon 2020 R&I programme. The website describes the funding opportunities and free-of-charge services offered by NCP Brussels.

      Document type: Site & online tool

      Tags: NCP Brussels

    2. 1819: Business in Brussels

      The 1819 website is complementary to the 1819 telephone number. This phone number can be called by every entrepreneur who has questions about his economic activity. The site is a gateway to a wealth of information on preparing for and succeeding in the creation or development of an enterprise in the Brussels-Capital region. The site is avalaible in dutch and french. The site and telephone number are run by BEA.

      Document type: Site & online tool

    3. Starter Kit

      The Starter Kit is on online toolbox that enables every starting entrepreneur to create a complete business plan step by step. A perfect tool to prepare your finance application file. The site is available in french and dutch. Registration is free.

      Document type: Site & online tool

      Tags: Starter Kit

    4. Brucodex

      Brucodex is a legal site that allows you to follow relevant developments and changes in environmental and town planning regulations and laws. The site is available in french and dutch.

      Document type: Site & online tool

    5. EcoSubsiBru

      EcoSubsibru is a search engine developed by impulse.brussels. It gives you access to various sources of funding for your enterprise at every level: municipal, regional, federal and European. The site is avalaible in french and dutch.

      Document type: Site & online tool

      Tags: funding, grants

    6. Lifetech Technologies in Brussels Catalogue - edition 2012

      Learn everything about the expertise that Brussels based companies, universities and research centres can offer you in the sector of diagnostics, telemedecine, biotechnology...

      Document type: Directory & lists of enterprises

      Tags: Medical technologies

    7. Software in Brussels catalogue - edition 2012

      This brochure gives an overview of the software companies based in the Brussels-Capital Region as well as the academic key players and the support organizations involved in the software sector.

      Document type: Directory & lists of enterprises

      Tags: ICT, software in brussels

    8. Enterprise Europe Brussels

      Brussels Network is the site of "Enterprise Europe Brussels", a joint initiative of impulse.brussels and Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry (BECI). Together they represent Brussel in the biggest european service network for SME's. They provide Brussels SME's with up-to-date targeted information on EU law, standards, market access and EU funding as well as organising information seminars and training on these subjects. They also give you access to thousands of companies that are looking for research, technical or commercial partners.

      Document type: Site & online tool

      Tags: Enterprise Europe Brussels, international partnerships

    9. BruTrade

      The business transfer portal site BruTrade lists opportunities for business takeovers in the Brussels-Capital Region. This platform does not limit itself to distributing offers for transferring and taking over enterprises; it is also a site for information and awareness-raising which contains basic elements relating to the issues involved in transfers. It offers both parties the possibility to communicate in all secrecy about a possible business transfer. The site is avalaible in french and dutch.

      Document type: Site & online tool