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    Julien Vandeleene, chief executive of Be Park

    Operating car parks belonging to companies and large retail stores and hiring them after working hours to motorists who lack space to park their vehicle. That’s the idea behind Be Park. Interview with the entrepreneur Julien Vandeleene

    The help that made the difference?

    It was also necessary to complete a new stage, to provide the project with greater credibility and new resources, hence the creation of Be Park SA, with increased turnkey capital. I should also say that we benefited from the support of the Brussels Guarantee Fund, which enabled us to secure indispensable bank finance. BEA gave us a great deal of help in drawing up our file... We also have the support of the SRIB as well as that of two business angels, Grégoire de Streel (who is also president of the Board of Directors) and Jean-Guillaume Zurtrassen.”

    The complete interview is avalaible on the french and dutch version of this site. Just switch languages.

    Interview by Adrien Mintiens

    logo Be park

    Name : Julien Vandeleene
    Date of birth : 4 mai 1985
    Function : Chief Executive
    Main diploma : master in management at UCL
    Activity area : ICT, services
    Number of employees : 2 developers and one independant graphic designer, 1 salesperson
    Contact details :
    Rue des palais, 44 bte 41 1030 Bruxelles 02- 211 34 41